What is a Flood-Damaged Home?

Inspectors should protect themselves and their clients from flooded and moisture-damaged homes. Read here to find out how.



Thinking of buying a foreclosure?


Here’s a quick article to overview the process of how a home forecloses, which can vary from state to state.

Ceiling Issues in Older Homes


To Those Who Look…

We find things:

Moisture Readings in Crawlspaces

From Instagram, on-site during a home inspection:

Clean Thy Gutters

From IG:

Basement Bedroom Egress

Here’s a little post we did about basement bedrooms:

Airborne Mold Sampling

Often we get questions about airborne testing results. Here’s a sample:

air mold test sample2

Here we see that the exterior sample (#3) serves as the “control” value for the home, while the laundry room (#1) and the master bathroom (#2) are the “experimental” values.

With this understood, interpreting the tables becomes easier. The outdoor air has considerably more total spores (420 to 110 and 44), but the master bathroom air has the “water indicator” spore chaetomium, which indicates a more serious moisture issue in the walls, floor, and/or ceiling.