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The quality of home inspectors can be all over the map: some fly by night, some run around all day, and some run seven businesses. Most of all, a thorough home inspection depends on the inspector’s personal excellence.

Clients most often ask about the inspector’s pricing first, but value is a different proposition altogether. We aim to be neither cheap nor fast, but to offer our clients the highest value in a home inspection. To keep our wits and energy sharp, we perform only 1-2 inspections per inspector per day.

For a real estate broker’s expertise, it is common for home buyers to pay 4-6% of the purchase price, saving themselves thousands. We inspect homes to save clients thousands in repair costs.

If you give Confident Home Inspection, LLC, the honor of inspecting your new home, we guarantee our most thorough, attentive effort. We inspect your home just like it’s our own.

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