How and When to Re-Enter a Flooded Home

From our fall storms, we’ve learned the dangers of flooded homes. Read this before you re-enter any flood-damaged home.


Final Walk-Through Items

Before you sign on the dotted line, use this handy checklist to find out the real condition of your new home. You might even need the seller to get out a broom!

Efflorescence on Cement Block

Many home buyers ask us, “What is that white powder? Is it bad?” Generally, efflorescence (that white powder on cement block and brick) is a cosmetic build-up of salts, but it shows where the water has built up. Here’s an overview.

Central Humidifiers

Some homes and climates require additional humidification (you read that right, not “de-humidification). But humidifiers have a host of dangers they introduce. To know whether humidification is best for you and your family, read here.