Four Things We Do Differently

Chris and I have been surprised as we hear “home inspector horror stories.”

Checking that crawlspace!

Sometimes, a client will say “my inspector missed this, he missed that.”  We listen and try to explain how this experience will be different.

But our promises to be better mean nothing without follow-through. Here are four things we do differently:

1. We Cover Every Inch of Your Property
Included in every home inspection is a full walk-through and look-over of the property, from the roof to the attic to the interior rooms to the garage to the crawlspace to all four sides of the exterior.

2. We Take Dozens of Photographs
Words alone won’t do; we take tons of photos. Be it a typical hinge door-stop (not recommended, by the way) or an usual set-up for the kitchen sink, we document the condition of the property on the day of the inspection. This makes it easy to see the problem and deal with it accordingly.

3. We Sort Our Summary
A typical summary has six parts: exclusions, items not operating, major concerns, safety hazards, items to monitor, and improvement items. How we sort out your home’s items affects how you will view them and negotiate for repair. We sort these with the client and the property in mind, making it easy for agents and clients to find the home’s most important issues.

4. We Write Our Own Reports
Our inspectors not only look over every inch of the property, but every inch of our own reports. We hand-craft our comments to fit the situation at hand. Some home issues, like gutters and drainage, are very similar. Others need an individualized touch. Our reporting practices and system allow for the speed of a computer program with the touch of a seasoned author.

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