How to Use a Pre-Inspection

Sidewall Leak 2014

My friend was confused. “What should I do about this roof leak?”

After reviewing what we had found, I answered, “Fix it, and fix it now. If you don’t, it will only scare a potential buyer.” So he did.

Pre-inspections are good only if you use them. So how do you use a pre-inspection? There are three simple steps:

1. Do the biggest items first. This doesn’t necessarily mean “paint everything.” You might need to, but painting isn’t part of a home inspection. If you have foundation problems, go after those. If the HVAC needs servicing, that’s important. In other words, don’t fix all the loose doorknobs and let the roof leak fester.

2. Make a schedule. This could come first, but the biggest items need doing no matter what. If you have 3 months before listing your home, make yourself a manageable schedule to fix what needs fixing. Don’t feel like you have to finish it all this week.

3. Be okay with letting small things go. A loose connection on a wall outlet is not a big deal, but a loose connection on the furnace could be. Likewise, the paint in your child’s room may be more important than sealing a small crack in the sidewalk.

We care about helping sellers have confidence in getting their home ready to sell, because we love our clients and we love homes.

Educating sellers with complete confidence,

Britt Treece
Confident Home Inspection

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