To Pre-Inspect?

Often we get asked, “Should I even do a pre-inspection?” We know that a pre-inspection, or seller’s inspection, is a lot like a plan: it only matters if you use it.

So our answer depends on two factors:

1. How old is your home? This is the “house” question. Some homes age differently from others. The family with 5 children will wear a home differently than a retired couple. Either way, we consider a home that is 10-15 years old or more to be a good candidate for pre-inspection. This way the owner can solve problems that may arise and save money on the sale price. Newer homes will generally not have enough repairs (unless you already know of them!) to warrant a pre-inspection.

2. Do you have the time, desire, and funds to manage repairs? This is the “owner” question. Some homes need a pre-inspection, but the owner may not have the time, money, or desire to utilize the information. If the seller gets an inspection anyway, he stands to lose the inspection fee and some of the profit margin on the home in negotiations with a potential buyer. This is a lose-lose proposition that we try to avoid. Instead, consider a pre-inspection a gameplan for helping you and your family prepare to sell your home. Fix as many items as you can and be ready to negotiate whatever is left.

We hope that these tips are helpful to our friends selling or helping others sell a home. Please let us know if we can pre-inspect for you today.

Educating buyers (and sellers!) with complete confidence,

Britt Treece
Confident Home Inspection

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