4 Easy Checks

4 Easy Checks

I remember the first time my wife and I went looking for a home. We took in the sights, smells, and feel of the home – but we didn’t look too closely at the roof, foundation, HVAC, or electrical.

We at Confident Home Inspection want to help our realtors and home buyers take an easy, quick look at the functional systems of the home. Here are 4 easy things to check:

1. Roof: As you approach the home and again as you walk the backyard, take a quick look at the roof. Is it in good condition, or does it show curling, waviness, burning, or moisture marks. Generally a roof that shows these signs is in need of at least a moderate amount of care and repair.

2. Walls and Ceiling: Often homes show moisture issues in the walls and/or ceiling. Recently on an inspection we found a small leak over a bay window. Take a quick look around as you walk the room, and note any spots you see that are out of place.

3. Heating and AC: Take a quick look at HVAC units. Often the air handler in in the crawlspace, but if it’s in the attic it’s easy to view. Note any signs of moisture and ask your inspector about them. Outside, check the compressor for dented fins and missing insulation.

4. Foundation: While walking the outside, notice the way the ground around the home slopes either toward or away form the foundation. Any sloping that is flat or toward the foundation may indicate a moisture problem in the crawlspace.

These are 4 easy checks that will add value to your walk-through time. We hope they help!

Educating buyers with complete confidence,

Britt Treece
Confident Home Inspection

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